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Sarah Walk stammt aus Minneapolis. Ihr Debütalbum „Little Black Book“ war ein absoluter Indie-Erfolg und bescherte der jungen Amerikanerin viel Aufmerksamkeit und begeisterte Pressestimmen. Die Mischung aus schweren, wütenden Texten sowie einer gewissen Düsterheit auf der einen und den leichten Piano-Klängen und der schwebenden, androgynen Stimme auf der anderen Seite zog viele Hörer zurecht in ihren Bann. Themen wie gleichgeschlechtliche Liebe und Gender Equality hatten in ihrem Leben und Schaffen von Beginn an eine prägende Rolle. Sarah Walk ́s aktuelle Songs zeigen, dass sie es ebenfalls versteht sich auch moderne, elektronische Klänge grandios zu eigen zu machen.

“Brooding vocal delivery that recalls Feist” The Sunday Times (Breaking Act)

“Blew my mind when I heard it…beautiful and compelling. One to watch.” Lauren Laverne, BBC6 Music

“…deeply moving and bittersweet, with uplifting bouts of melodic brilliance and gorgeous interplay between strings and cathedral-echo piano. It's lush and oozes a classic charm; it's timeless.” The Line of Best Fit

“Those who’ve had the privilege of watching her play live alongside her band can testify to Walk’s phenomenal skills on the keys and powerful vocals” Wonderland

“…haunting and emotive” Metro

“A visceral, poignant work” Clash Magazine

"Another Me" Albuminfo:

“I wanted to make a point early on with this record that there is a lot that women feel and experience outside of what exists in their romantic relationships” says singer-songwriter Sarah Walk, who’s stunning sophomore album is out June 12th on One Little Indian Records. Her new album ‘Another Me’ starts as it means to go on, taking a swipe at the patriarchy and a cold hard look at the institutionalized entitlement of men. Walk opens with the lyric: “Nothing’s hurt me more than men that grew up with no consequences, why is it my job to fix this mess? You’re always ready to defend, you hear my concern as anger, and no-one wants an angry woman” on lead single ‘Unravel’.

Produced by Leo Abrahams (Regina Spektor, Belle and Sebastian, Paul Simon, Pulp, David Byrne, Brian Eno), the record tackles the challenges of being a queer woman head on; “A lot of things had been untapped in my writing until now, many of which deal with burdens that I’ve carried or felt responsible for, which I believe has a lot to do with being a woman and being queer” says Walk. “We take ownership when we don’t need to or feel guilty when we say no to things. We apologise when we haven’t done anything wrong. These are all things I have learned and tried to unlearn” says Sarah. “This is an album about being marginalised, being a woman, learning how to set boundaries without apology and be confident without feeling guilty for it. Learning how to love wholly without expectation.” Album opener ‘Unravel’ documents a difficult lesson in setting boundaries within toxic relationships. “‘Unravel’ is one of the hardest songs I’ve ever had to sing” she says. “It was written in the depths of a lot of pain for me. I was trying to learn how to exist without shrinking or apology, and it wasn’t until later that I really understood how important that is because it helps define what you will and will not allow in how you are treated. It sets a precedent that relationships are conditional."

The album undoubtedly treads new ground for Walk, on single ‘What do I Want’ she showcases her pop sensibilities; moving away from the organic signature piano ballads that characterised her debut, and leaning into shimmering synth sounds, soaring pop melodies juxtaposed against beautifully restrained moments and detailed percussive arrangements. Walk works through anxiety procrastination and an inability to make decisions on the track. “Sometimes it’s easier to be so overwhelmed by what to do that you don’t do anything until someone else makes a decision for you” she says. “Writing this song was a way of holding myself accountable so I don't fall into the same patterns of paralysed anxiety". The songs that make up ‘Another Me’ are self-investigative, a journey through a period of immense challenge and transformation. All at once the record examines marginalisation, survival, death, misogyny, vulnerability – all leading towards a reclamation of finding oneself in learning how to take up space. ‘Nobody Knows’ came about while Walk experimented with a detuned guitar. “It’s about losing faith and feeling complacent, learning how to be comfortable in the unknowing” she says. Elsewhere, ‘Flowers Grow’ touches on mortality, inspired by the poem ‘White Flowers’ by Mary Oliver and ‘No Good Way to Say Goodbye’ is about the inevitability of losing one’s parents. Title track ‘Another Me’ is a depiction of Walk’s perception of herself, after much soul searching; “It’s one of my favourite songs on the album. I sing about a better version of myself that I don’t want to let disappear because I am trying to find her; if only I had done so sooner.”

A graduate of Berklee College of Music (alumni includes St Vincent, Aimee Mann, Melissa Etheridge among others), Walk grew up in Minneapolis but has spent much of her time living between Los Angeles and London. She worked on her debut album ‘Little Black Book’ with Laura Mvula & producer Steve Brown. However, ‘Another Me’ sees her break free of the shackles of expectation, rising to the occasion as a fully formed writer and co-producer, with a courageous message of defiance. “The songs on my first album were a means to survive the immediate, and my songs on this album have been a journey in learning how to take up space and thrive in the long term.”

Photo left: Daniel Smith Coleman | Photo right: Voe Ray

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