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Kahn Morbee Presspic


Kahn Morbee Presspic by Chashish

Kahn Morbee, the singer and songwriter for The Parlotones (Johannesburg) released his 3rd full studio length album "A World At Suicide" in 2021.

He describes the album as "A melancholic stroll through sunflowers, fraught with ups and downs (much like the hero's journey). You arrive at the end of the rainbow only to confirm what you already knew, there is no pot of gold, you look back through the field of 'now dishevelled' sunflowers and acknowledge (literally and figuratively) that it was no bed of roses, but it was one "helluva gratifying ride".

Kahn Morbee has released ten studio albums with The Parlotones and three solo albums. 
He was the winning coach on the first two seasons of "The Voice" South Africa. 

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