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Once from the countryside of Oxford, England, but now residing in Berlin. Adam Barnes is a songwriter known for his melancholic songs that speak of lost love, wistful thinking and the occasional adventure too. Inspired by listening to songwriters such as Damien Rice , Ray Lamontagne & Elliott Smith. Adam released his second full length album ‘Vacancy at NASA’. A musical folk drama derived from the experiences and struggles that seven years of songwriting has provided entailing both astronomy and heartbreak.

With more than 16 million Spotify plays and a new record in the works for the new world that awaits. Adam Barnes is yet to have a Wikipedia page written about him; it’s his biggest failure to date.

Having begun writing songs at the age of 14, playing music throughout his teens in the youth clubs of Oxfordshire, as well as getting kicked out of venues for being underage. A vague attempt to iron out the kinks of being a musician and realise a love for performing that would eventually take him to 2 continents and over 500 shows. Adam’s solo career began at the age of 18 when he released his debut E.P, ‘Blisters’. Recorded in his friend’s bedroom on the smallest of budgets, it was released into the world in September 2010 through Skullcow Records and then re-released with extra content through Manchester based LAB Records in 2012. ‘ Barnes is strongest in his darker moments ’ - Ourzone Mag commented of this work. It’s since sold over 1000 copies and has had features on multiple YouTube blogs, including teen award winner Zoella. Over the course of the last years, Adam released his debut album ‘The Land, The Sea & Everything Lost Beneath’ through the help of a loyal fanbase and a Kickstarter campaign that raised the funds to fully self release. Described as ‘ an album of startling simplicity, but tinged fully with great promise and wild expectation ’ by Liverpool Sound And Vision, industry complications and struggles followed, though it would lead to his most successful release to date. ‘One Day We’ll Be Fine’ was released in October 2015 through his own label ‘Wild Native’. resulting in an in demand tour around the UK, and a full European run months after. It has since received support on Spotify’s Dutch ‘Morning Tea’ and Danish ‘Indieshygge’ as a result. ‘ There’s a warmth that exudes from everything Adam Barnes lays his name to. As winter starts to creep into view, his new EP ‘One Day We’ll Be Fine’ is the comforting and familiar blanket that keeps the chill at bay ’ - DIY Magazine

This brings us to the present, having toured in support of Matt Simons, Donovan Woods, Joseph & Maia and Sarah Walk and opened for Courtney Marie Andrews and Ciaran Lavary Adam released his second full length album ‘Vacancy at NASA’ on the 7th of February, 2018; Music derived from the experiences and struggles that seven years of songwriting has provided entailing both astronomy and heartbreak. Barnes blends tried-and-true pop stylings with his own flavorful touch, nimbly crafting vast, yet subtle harmonies to amplify the moments that matter most. His words evoke our own inner explorers, allowing us to step in his universal shoes and think of our own faults and faraway dreams - Atwood Magazine. Already accrewing millions of plays online & overall having had 16 million plays on Spotify for his catalogue of songs.

Fotocredits: Felix Russell-Saw & Jesse Lee

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